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May 2, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Profits – 5 Tips for Making Money Online as a Successful Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. However, it requires a great deal of effort, time, and hard work in order to be a successful endeavor. If you’ve been trying to make money as an affiliate marketer, you’re probably aware that it’s not easy. If you’re new to this form of marketing altogether, then you need to know which steps to follow in order to be successful.

No matter your level of experience, here are some tips to help you start making real profits with affiliate marketing:

  1. Make sure you build a good website. Even if you’re not selling your own products or services, you must still run your own site. It needs to have its own domain, with a major keyword as part of the URL. The site should have a neat layout that is easy to navigate through. Put up original content, including tips and informative articles. Make them as unique as possible so that your site will stand out amongst those of competitors.
  2. Write reviews of everything you are promoting. First of all, never, ever try to promote something that you wouldn’t use yourself. Second, many companies allow affiliates to sample the products for free. Some give out special offers just for affiliate marketers. Take advantage of these offers and write detailed reviews of the products. You can place the reviews on your site or submit them to article directories.
  3. Learn to promote your website through various means. Don’t just try one traffic generation technique for affiliate marketing. Try multiple strategies and keep with them. Once you find out which methods work, be persistent with them. Take successful strategies to the next level and work longer and harder to increase the results.
  4. Join forums, message boards, and communities about the niche. Participate in threads and put in your two cents. Just make sure you don’t spam – you can have your URL listed in your signature line. Always post important, useful information in your messages. Make people interested in what you have to say. If the message board ranks high in Google, then your posts could be potentially read by many people.
  5. ALWAYS be doing something! If you’re in front of your computer, you need to be doing something –ANYTHING – that concerns affiliate marketing. Whether it’s research, article writing, message posting, fixing up your website, etc, you need to be persistent with your efforts. Even if you’re not getting the affiliate profits you want right now, by working hard, you’ll become better at what you’re doing. The more experience you get, the more successful you’ll be in the future.

Follow these affiliate marketing tips and you’ll eventually make money online! Affiliate marketing is a long-term strategy, so you should never expect to make profits overnight. As long as you persevere, however, you will eventually be a successful affiliate!

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March 15, 2010

Making a Website—6 Mistakes to Avoid

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In order to make money online, you need to create a great website. However, there are certain criteria that make a website “great”, and you need to meet those criteria if you want any measure of success. While there are numerous “how to” tips out there, you might learn more if you study the mistakes of others. You can start off on the right foot if you know which common mistakes to avoid.

With that said, here are some internet marketing mistakes that drive visitors away from a web page:

  • Don’t use the same template as other web pages. There are countless website templates available, yet it’s not uncommon to see the same ones over and over again on different sites. If you don’t use a unique template, then your site isn’t going to stand out any. Your visitors will not remember your site after they leave it.
  • Don’t make the layout too confusing. Visitors aren’t going to stay at a website through which they can’t navigate. Sometimes, simple is better. If you’re selling a variety of products, categorize them and make sure each category is easy to find. Present all of the links neatly, and arrange everything so that your visitors can easily find whatever it is they’re looking for.
  • Don’t forget to mention benefits to your readers. Provide them with information on what they can gain from your site. Even if you’re not trying to sell anything, you should still offer unique information that can’t be found anywhere else. Do whatever it takes to make your site one of a kind, even if there are thousands like it.
  • Don’t overload your site with too many graphics. Doing so will make it difficult to load. Not everyone has super fast computers and internet speed. Some webmasters use flashy graphics to cover the fact that they their site lacks substance. As long as you have quality information to give, you won’t need a bunch of flashiness on your website. If visitors can’t get it to load, they won’t want to stick around very long.
  • Don’t over-stuff the content with too many keywords. While search engine optimization is important, you don’t want to go overboard with the keyword usage. “Well optimized” means that the content is good and the keywords are used intelligently. It does NOT mean to throw a bunch of keywords up on your site without any original, well written content to go with them.
  • Don’t choose a domain name that is hard to remember. Choose something that is both simple and relative to your niche. If you are selling jewelry, for example, use a word like “jewelry” or “bracelets” in your domain name. Don’t make it too long or difficult for web surfers to remember.

Remember to avoid these mistakes when creating a website. Whether you’re a business owner, affiliate, or simply someone who wants to create an informative site, making any of these mistakes is a really bad idea.

Copyright: 2010 Melissa Deskins

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